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34 reviews for Honey Smoked Steelhead

  1. Dannie Rasmusson (verified owner)

    it just gets better and better Ianette saye

  2. John Guyer

    Best Smoked Salmon ever!

  3. Wayne Frederick

    Best salmon spread ever. My wife and I both loved it. Hope we can see you at McMinnville farmers market more often.

  4. VWalsh

    Love Love Love Dan’s smoked salmon and his homemade salmon cream cheese! We pick it up at NWX Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Great appetizer to share with friends… We are one of many of Dan’s “repeat” customers”!

  5. Tami

    I tasted Dan’s Honey Smoked Steelhead and the Steelhead spread for the first time a month ago at the Farmer’s Market in Bend, OR. I just went back for the third time to buy more. It is so good! So moist. I have never tasted a smoked fish this tasty. Thank you Dan!

  6. Sherry

    Had the indescribable pleasure of tasting this amazing salmon at the Farmer’s Market in McMinnville three weeks ago and have not left the market without it every week since! Last market I advised that I suspected an unlisted ingredient must be a dose of MAGIC………got a chuckle but this fish is seriously spectacular! Thank you.

  7. Sarah Prudhomme

    This is a party in my mouth! The salmon melts in your mouth and is SO SO SO good! We got it at the NWX Farmer’s Market and will be forever buying this fish. Thank you for such an amazing fish experience!

  8. Denice Cristiano

    Dan’s smoked salmon is nothing short of LIFE CHANGING!!
    Loved it so much. Saw them at the Farmer’s Market in Sisters Oregon.

  9. Randy

    Best smoked salmon I have ever eaten / moist / excellent flavor / no bones! Walk by the rest and buy the best!

  10. Tammy

    Delicious! I couldn’t stop eating it. Truly melts in your mouth.

  11. Michael Cardon

    I grew up in Eugene, Oregon. As a kid, our family use to go to Corvallis once a year for a smoked salmon festival, where they dug rows of fire pit trenches and placed the salmon filet in messed sticks along the trenches and smoked the salmon the way the Indians did. The salmon was delicious and the memories priceless. Dan’s salmon is better. I had an order for Christmas and when it arrived at my home here in Austin, TX, the packing ice in the container was still solid. If salmon knew how good they taste after Dan’s smoking process, they would swim straight to Dan and stand in line.

  12. Torry Haskell

    This has to be the best smoked salmon I have ever had. We served it with crackers and cream cheese for a New Years party and it was devoured within minutes. This salmon melts in your mouth and it is also good on salads.

  13. Kelsey Randolph

    Seriously the best smoked salmon I’ve ever had. Great seasoning! Great by its self or on crackers.

  14. Patty

    Great product! I have purchased several packages to take as appetizers to dinner parties- it would be gone immediately. It is a very tasty product. I highly recommend it. I discovered At work – we use this product the charcuterie boards!

  15. Ron Remund

    As a rule I don’t really care for salmon or steelhead, smoked or not. I must say though my first bite of Dan’s Smoked Steelhead changed my world. There’s nothing better. I highly recommend giving it a try. Once you do, you’ll be hooked for life. PS. I’m not getting paid to say this lol.

  16. Austin S.

    Although Dan is a bronco’s fan, he is still great to work with and is very detailed oriented and always ensures the order is correct. I can talk him into sending me some steel-head for free.

  17. DJ Jocelyn/ I Plumbing Inc

    I did some plumbing for Dan and had the opportunity to taste Dan’s smoked salmon. It was very flavorful and smells so good!!!! This is a great snack and looking forward to my next purchase, highly recommend.

  18. Paul & Karen Berschauer

    My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Dan and his lovely wife Lynette. We just had some of their smoked salmon and we were just blown away by the perfect balance of seasoning & smoke and how moist the salmon was, it was PERFECT. We are excited about finding this special treat. We are ordering 5 lbs for the people we want to experience this delicacy. If you like smoked salmon you are going to LOVE this, truly very special treat. Order some today and you will understand why we love it so much.

  19. David durante

    Soooooo yummy… it was love at first bite. Just the right balance of seasonings and flavor. Feels good to be supporting local too.

  20. John Guyer

    We brought Dan’s Smoked Salmon to a recent Utah vs Oregon football game tail gate party. It was a huge hit and everyone loved it. I would highly recommend it for all of your parties or simple nights at home with friends.

  21. CeGee Foster

    After looking around at different options for smoked salmon we decided to try Dan’s smoked salmon and we will never buy smoked salmon from anywhere else again! Definitely the best smoked salmon we have ever had and if you have the chance to buy some, don’t pass it up you will not be sorry! We will be telling EVERYONE about it.

  22. Terry

    I have tried Dan’s smoked salmon several times and always think it is the best. We tried it as an appetizer at a party this year and it was gone within the first hour!!! Give some a try you will not be disappointed.

  23. Vince Morgan

    TRY IT ONCE AND YOU WILL BE HOOKED. This is amazing Dan’s Smoked Salmon. I have had more than my share of smoke salmon in this lifetime. This is something special it is moist and the flavor is unforgettable. It will be in the back of your mind when your craving a snack. Love the honey flavor with the seasoning it’s just done right. So easy to order. Awesome gift for all occasions easy to ship and represent Oregon.

  24. Alfredo A

    Holy Smokes this is one of the best salmon I have ever had! It is beyond flavorful, moist and just a wonderful product. This is not your typical smoked salmon, this is DAN’S SMOKED SALMON. Highly recommend it and cant wait to share with my friends and family.

  25. Amy Sue Matthews

    Definitely the best salmon ever! And I’ve tried quite a few. The perfect combination of sweet and smoky flavors make this an incredible treat! We loved it so much, we ordered 5 lbs and I know that after we devour this batch fairly quickly, we’ll be buying at least another 5 lbs, if not more!

  26. Amanda

    Holy smoked salmon!! This is the best thickest and flavorful smoked salmon I’ve ever had!!
    We had an amazing Thanksgiving gathering and this salmon is one thing people couldn’t stop taking about! Thank you Dan’ smoked slamon, you truly are the best we’ve had!

  27. John Daggett (verified owner)

    We had the pleasure of purchasing Dans Smoked Salmon for our grand opening ceremony celebrating our new showroom. It was served to 75 clients to rave reviews, we could not have chosen a better appetizer for everyone to enjoy. The quality was the best. Thanks

  28. Dana

    I love Dan’s smoked salmon! It is always a favorite at get togethers and parties. It makes a great gift if you are needing an idea for special occasions. Besides the great tasting salmon, the customer service is top notch! I would recommend Dan’s smoked salmon to friends and family!

  29. Dana

    I love Dan’s smoked salmon! It is a favorite at every get together and party. It also makes a great gift if you are looking for an idea! Not to mention the great smoked salmon but the customer service is top notch. I would recommend Dan’s smoked salmon to all of my friends and family!

  30. Karl

    We received a package from Dannie’s Smoked Salmon that we ordered it was fabulous !
    It was the best fish I ever had it was moist and flaky. I would recommend this to anybody
    if they are wanting good quality fish you need to try it for your self and be the judge .I’m pretty
    sure you will be delighted that you tried it.

  31. Penny

    We ordered some of Dan’s smoked steelhead salmon. When we received the package, we were surprised how great it was packaged. Then we tasted it, It was moist and flaky. It melts in your mouth. We had to order more for our older kids, we knew they would love it and be surprised.

  32. Nick

    This smoked salmon is the best I’ve ever had! I bring it to every tailgate and football watch party! It’s a hit and even better than my wife’s appetizers!

    Their gift baskets are incredible and always look great! Once you eat Dans Smoked Salmon, you’ll never want to eat anything else!!

  33. Ashley

    Dans smoked salmon is ALWAYS a hit at family and friend gatherings!! I always get asked where, who and what the secret is! “It’s Dans Smoked Salmon!!” Is always my reply!!!

    This is a must for every get together and holiday brunch’s! And pairs so well with some crackers!

    5-Stars would be an understatement!!

  34. Teresa

    I recently had the DEVINE culinary experience of snacking on a piece of Dans Honey Smoked salmon. It was by far the best smoked salmon I have ever had. Moist, with just the perfect amount of sweet smokey yummynous. Did I mention how moist it was.

    I plan on severing this delicious product not only for friends and family for special events and holidays, but also just for myself,,, because at the end of a long day or work week,,,, I’m worth it.

    You MUST try it for yourself

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